Jigsaw Goldrush

Piano Days - relaxing piano music for meditation, hypnobirthing etc

Use the player and links above to hear and download the album. Using Bandcamp means you can set your own price, suggested donation of £5, with more of the money going straight to the artist.


Piano days is a collection of ten piano pieces I recorded way back in the latter half of 2015. It was originally created as a gift to my wife as relaxation music during the birth of our first child and was subsequently used during the birth of our second.

The pieces are for solo piano, recorded live on my parent's old upright with the odd overdub on a couple of them. You can download it for free or pay what you like from the Bandcamp page, or listen via Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Why the name Jigsaw Goldrush? Well, when I was emptying out my parents house a couple of years back I came across a cupboard full of boxes of jigsaw puzzles. It was like finding a goldrush of jigsaws!